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Forgiveness is Closure

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It’s necessary to move on.

It’s necessary to let go.

But you only need YOU to do that….

Forgiveness is a personal choice. I do not need the other person to forgive or move forward. I can choose to let go. It’s true that some apologies that you will never get, but you have to learn how to release people from out of your heart, so you are not stalling your own healing or progress in life. I’m learning that closure is not about “settling a matter” but bringing an end to it. I understand why people seek closure from broken relationships or missed opportunities, but sometimes that journey alone leads to nowhere. Some want closure just to get enough information about “what they did wrong” in order to get back in that other’s person’s life by “pretending to change”. Others seek closure to set up a conversation just to either belittle or blame the “offender” in order to make them feel the pain they felt. I believe that a couple of us want closure so we can finally move on from a season in our life and on to better. We are not seeking an apology. We are not seeking another argument. We are allowing forgiveness to be the key to lock the door on the PAST.

This topic of forgiveness is one that we should never stop conversing about. It’s a tool that we need to exercise in every season in our lives in order to go to the next level in our lives. Let’s move on.

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