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Be That Woman (From One Sister To Another)

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On the other side of ________________…….there’s more to YOU.

I would like this to be my “end of the summer” note to my ladies out there. On yesterday, I picked up my son from the airport and at that moment I was back in “mommy mode”. School will be starting in three weeks, and I have to get my routine down pack so there is no “unnecessary stress” added. In saying that, I wanted to share my own “notes of observation/self-reflection” of myself from this past summer to encourage you to stay on this journey of becoming the type of woman you desire to be.

I have a voice. Even as a grown woman, I feel at times that my voice is not always considered in MY OWN DECISIONS. I am not against wise counsel, but I am against stressing myself repeatedly over someone else’s opinion. Life is something that I have to live, which means living with the decisions that I make. A lot of our frustration and resentment I believe is rooted in our “unspoken” words. We all have needs, wants, and desires; therefore, we must become comfortable in communicating those things without the “need to please”.

I can bounce back after ‘hard things/challenges’. I am a procrastinator, and that’s one area I’m trying to work on. One thing I found is that when the pressure is really on, I get to work. I make the schedule, set aside the time and will not quit until the deadline says “STOP”. This “inner fight to succeed” was birth out of the challenges I had to face, which turns out to be the encouragement that I need. We all should take a moment to just breathe. Reflect on your wins. Yes, I had some losses in life, but it cannot overshadow the things that I did achieve.

I am an example. It took some encouraging words said to me from a few other sisters to confirm that “there are people watching me”. I am not talking about the ones that want to see me fail, (whoever they are LOL), but the ones that admire my journey. When you know that there are other people looking up to you, you start to carry yourself in a different way. I cannot stop my process of growing and learning because someone needs to see what it’s like to “beat the odds”. I cannot waste time on “petty stuff”, because grown women are about their business. I enjoy sharing my journey with others, because I truly desire to see both men and women win in life.

Maturity and growth do not make you an “arrogant person” or a “condemned one”, but a beautiful woman that is waiting to be unleashed. We do not really know everything about ourselves so it’s important to keep growing in life. Let no one shame you for that. Let no one hinder you from that. You have a vision for your life so do not compromise that and KEEP GOING SIS.

I am taking another break on next week, but please feel free to check out my other posts and as always, feel free to comment and share your thoughts! Chat with you in one week!

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