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No More Hiding….Living Shameless

Photo by Noelle Otto on Pexels.com

Which is scarier? Pretending to hide “that you are a great and talented” person? OR Being that “great and talented” person? This is not to bring shade to anyone or label people as “arrogant over-achievers”, but to put a thought out there concerning the way we see ourselves. I love to write and have been doing so for years. I have written books, poetry, plays/skits, and even songs for a children’s Christmas musical one year. Did you know that I had a hard time calling myself “a writer”? I dealt with this “so-called humble complex” that had me downplaying my own achievements just so I would not be looked at as “doing too much” or “better than”. The issue with that was not an external problem but an “inner one”. When you have dealt with issues of rejection, abuse, or any traumatic experience that affected your inner core, you tend to navigate your life in that dark space. You intentionally hide who you are just to keep playing this role of a “hurt victim”. Yes, I had my share of pity parties, and guess what…. none of those parties helped my situation.

To be shameless is to be “wide open”. No secrets. No covers. No cocoons to stay in. Realize that YOU have to live this life. I know what it is like to be “chained” to the opinions of this world, but I also know what it is like to “get TIRED of it”. Let’s have a truth moment. Most of our doubts and fears we have been coming from an inner voice. We try to put the blame on people, but people can’t control us. Each and every person on this Earth must decide to live their life to the fullest. Why limit myself when I desire a “limitless life”? Do it really matter if someone will be bothered if I want to publish over 100 books or travel the world to experience art in other cultures….NO, because I’m choosing to utilize ALL of my talents and give the BEST VERSION of me to this world. Choose to live free.… (Choosing to be shameful of the really great person you truly are…. is getting overrated.)

I’m back this week and ready to drop some gems! As always, feel free to share your comments and thoughts below…let’s converse!

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Hi..My name is ShuCora Walker. No, I am not the woman in the picture, but my words represent people like her. People who love good conversations. People who enjoy sharing their life stories. People who tell the truth to not only inspire but to heal, learn, and grow. I have been writing since my preteen years and found peace in letting my heart bleed out on the paper through my words. The focus of my writing has always been to share stories of triumph, struggles, and faith because God is the reason why I write. I remember at one point that I wanted to take my life, but God deemed it not to be because He still had a purpose for my life. Now, I am using my words to share my life journey so others can learn from it. Yes, one day I plan to open up this platform to other writers so we can continue to learn from different experiences of life. So, this is a space for anyone seeking to live a life of real freedom and enjoy some good moments along the way…


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