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Happy Saturday!! I wanted to share some kind words with you.

This last two days I felt something on my heart that I needed to express to myself. That might sound weird but after watching this video on YouTube about celebrating yourself on this morning, I realized that I was lacking those “celebratory moments” in my life. I consider myself a “go-getter”, and always have these “big ideas” that I want to achieve one day BUT…..I rarely take moments to “Congratulate Me”. Last night, (or rather this morning), I stayed up to 2am to finish the rest of my assignments for my summer class. I am talking about a 20-page research paper, a final exam that was about three hours long, and responses to discussion posts. After doing all of that, I told myself that I am taking you out to dinner tonight…..and watching the movie “Venom” with my son afterwards lol. The point I am making is that we can allow “self-doubt”, “self-fear”, and “self-pity” to steal the joy out of our day, but we have to learn to start truly caring for ourselves.

One of the ways is learning how to stop and reflect. Reflect on what you have accomplished so far or even this week. Reflect on how you did not give up when you took that difficult class even if it took you longer to graduate. Reflect on how you muster up the courage to leave a bad relationship and now you can really enjoy your single life. Reflect on how you made your first sale in your business. Reflect on what you have. Reflect on how far you came. Reflect on the goodness of God. Gratitude discards the discontentment and kills the disappointment. I am learning that Life is More…There’s more to my life. Yes, I understand that sometimes we may not have someone to celebrate with us, but you have YOU. Do something nice for you. God has blessed you with a wonderful life so don’t mishandle it. Congratulations to you!

Have a great Saturday my peeps! As always, feel free to comment…..your thoughts are always appreciated and welcomed!

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