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Break Out the Box

Photo by Ekaterina Belinskaya on Pexels.com

I believe all of us have encountered a situation where someone or some people assumed you were a certain way. Without conversing with you first or validating the information (or gossip) that was said about you, assumptions are quickly made to identify you. Whether those assumptions were true or not, it’s easy to get chained to an “opinion”. Sometimes, we structure our lives around “opinions”. We determine our own individuality around an “opinion”. We even form friendships and romantic relationships based off an “opinion”. So, what I’m trying to say? “Opinions” are just what they are…”opinions”.

Each and every person has a right to think and feel the way they want to, AND each and every person has a right to either listen to the opinion of another or don’t. If you are still feeling empty after listening to every opinion and following the advice of your preconceived limitations within your own mind, then that’s a pretty good sign that you should “break out” the box or prepare to die in a “box”. It takes doing something different so you can realize that “You Are Different”. (And there is nothing wrong with that.) I understand that people can get used to seeing you “one way” but cannot fathom that you are more than that “one way”.

You may have been that bully growing up, but now you are a listening ear for others. You may have been very timid in your younger years, but now you are pursing your business ideas and putting yourself out there for the world to see. I think what truly bothers us as humans are the two ideals of “truth” and “change”. When people encounter the truth about themselves, change happens. People can change. To be honest again, everyone doesn’t like that. It’s comfortable for them to see you not living up to your full potential so they will not be challenged to live up to theirs. The tragedy of “staying average” is first, living an unfulfilled life, and then dying full….(full of dreams, full of ideas, full of solutions, full of potential).

I challenge you today to break out the box….live out your Difference.

As always feel free to comment…until tomorrow, stay cool peeps!

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