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I Can Move On…

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Forgiveness goes a long way.

It’s stressful holding on to a “dead thing”. Whether it’s an old relationship or an old job opportunity, it can become stressful re-living a past that is no longer there. I’m starting to see how forgiveness goes beyond someone hurting you, but also releasing the regret that comes with not pursuing a thing or wishing that a past event or situation did not occur. We all have the potential to “make a mistake”, and yes, we have made some mistakes. Sometimes we allow these mistakes to take over our lives instead of making “peace” with them. To make peace is to decide that this event, this relationship, this friendship, this trauma, this pain, this regret…. has expired in my life.

Yes, decide. Before we pull out those list of steps to “How to Get Over Someone/Something”, you first have to decide that “It is over”. The mind is powerful. When a person makes up their mind, making the necessary changes is an automatic next step. You will block the number. You will make the move to that new city. You will follow a schedule. You will do what’s necessary to move forward. Waiting on the other person to “get over it” or wishing that the past memories will disappear from your mind will have you stuck for good, but making up your mind to not give those past things, past people, or past thoughts any more attention…well, congratulations, you are officially moving on.

As always, feel free to comment and share your thoughts! Enjoy your weekend and release the stress!

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