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Don’t Hold the Mistakes

Photo by Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas on Pexels.com

Redemption IS REAL.

We all make mistakes. When I say ALL, I mean ALL. There is not one perfect person on this planet regardless of how high they may think of themselves. Whether your mistake was small or big, redemption is what puts your mistake in perspective. In other words, your mistakes cannot hold you back unless you hold yourself back with your mistakes. I do not always believe that “time” will fix past problems or heartbreaks, because the willingness to not allow the Past to have a stronghold over your life is always left up to the person. One year can pass by or ten years can pass by, but still holding on to a mistake that happened long ago. Once you decide to let go of that mistake, then I can agree that it may take some time to recover but even the length of time required for that recovery is still left up to the person. So, what am I saying? Drop the mistake(s).

Life can be lived when you decide to actually start living. I can admit that some of my past mistakes have brought some difficult consequences, and not to mention the shame attached to the memories of the crazy things I done. One thing I can say is that I chose to leave the bad habits and the wrong people alone. I chose to walk away from a certain lifestyle that was leading me down a path of “revolving heartbreak”. When you decide to do differently than what you have done before, then redemption is for the receiving. Notice I did not say take but receive. Honestly some of us have a hard time receiving forgiveness, redemption, and even restoration, because we are focus on the “mistake” but not what happened “after the mistake”.

What happens “after the mistake”? A new beginning. A chance to start over. Yes, I understand that everyone’s situation is different. Some are still trying to rebuild trust with loved ones after the mistake, while others have to cope with the long-term effects of their mistakes BUT it’s not about the “what” but the “how”. Regardless of “what” that mistake was, “how” you handle the aftermath is what matters. Will you still be holding that mistake over your head? Or will you be succeeding instead? Also, we do have to understand that people are affected by what we do. Our choices affect each other, so I cannot expect every person that was affected by my mistakes to quickly get past them. There may be a couple of people that may still see me through the eyes of my mistakes, but that should not stop me from moving forward. I aim to become a woman of growth and maturity so my story, (just like yours), is still being written.

Always feel free to leave your thoughts! Good day overcomers!

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