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Get Up And Move (Excerpt from “BE”)

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At one point in time, you may have complained about not having enough time. We have our jobs, some have college courses, and others have families to care for. Sometimes it seems that 24 hours are not enough but I do have a small question. Do you think more hours need to be added to the day? Just think if we had an extra five hours to our 24-hour day. What would we actually do with it? Sleep more. Catch up on Netflix. If there is no real planning in how those hours will be used, then we are back at square one. We must become mindful of the time we have. I am not an expert at time management and still have my struggle days but found that I become more productive when I am intentional. Of course, it is obvious that I am writer but have not always put in the time to bring this gift all the way out. Self-doubt, procrastination, and yes laziness were the barriers I had to overcome. I had to put my feelings aside and focus on the goal for my writing. Sometimes that may require me to change my surrounding and setting the atmosphere for me to work. Music plays a role in my inspiration for my writing. I use that tool to encourage and hype me up so I can stay focus during my dedicated time of writing. We may not admit this, but our complaint of time may just be a cover-up for our laziness. Honestly, we may not have a “time problem” but a misunderstanding about time. Your life is giving a certain amount of time and not meant to be repeated. You have a set time to be born and to die. That was already decided before you even got here. When it comes to our understanding about time, we must know that we were allotted the right amount of time for our lives. With some responsibilities, we must learn to manage them. Just like we manage our money to pay bills and buy groceries is the same way we must do our time.

Knowledge really is power. When I understand that my time is limited and given to me to fulfill my purpose, I will not allow myself to procrastinate tasks that can multiply my talents to further my purpose. Also, I will not allow myself to become lazy when it comes to doing the “inside work” to follow through on the dreams God has given me to birth inside this Earth. If you truly want to overcome procrastination and laziness, change your mind. I know you may hear that many times, but it is true. You have to change the way you look at your life, purpose, and talents. You cannot fall into the trap of excuses like “I will get to it later” or “I have time”. No one knows what the next day, year, or even decade holds. We also must know that someone else needs us to use our time wisely. We are not on this Earth to live a selfish life but a selfless life. Your books, songs, artwork, business, and everything that is a part of your purpose is to serve someone else’s purpose. For me, that means giving them the necessary tools so they can break free and walk in their purpose. When I waste or stall my time, I do the same to someone else. They are waiting on me to finish the book, video, and everything God placed inside of me to be fulfilled. I have no time to waste. I was given purpose and the “right” amount of time to complete it.

Decide today that you will set your mind on the assignment you have been given and work those things like your life and someone else’s is dependent on it. (It really does!)

So, this an excerpt from my book, BE: Journey of Being, in which I discuss in Chapter 8 (Be Purposeful) how we should be utilizing our time and talents well. We cannot allow ourselves to become lazy or discouraged in pursuit of living a life full of purpose. Sometimes our unfulfillment is due to us not living out our purpose. So, I challenge you as I challenge myself to get up and move. Don’t give up. Don’t quit. Keep moving. Also, I have finally completed my e-Book for this title, so feel free to check it out here..https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09C3RKS54

As always feel free to comment and share your thoughts……Good day overcomers!

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