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Making the Decision to “Be Free”

Photo by Olya Kobruseva on Pexels.com

One thing that you may realize as you continue this journey in life is that: “No one can make you do anything”. We make decisions every day. Yes, people can influence you. You may be even guilty of doing things out of obligation or fear. At the end of the day, YOU made the choice. We can complain about our struggles all day long. We can forever whine about the hurt people caused us in the past. Ultimately, you make the choice to either live a life “stuck in depression” or “move forward in joy”. Freedom is a decision. You have to decide that you want to be free. You have to decide not to entertain “old company” and “old thoughts”. You have to decide to walk away. You have to decide to do what’s best for your life.

It’s tormenting at times to see people settle for “less than”. I never like to hear people talk about their ex over and over when they could have used that time to find someone worthy of them. I never like to see people settle for a job position that does not elevate them or even pay them enough when there are greater opportunities to be obtained outside of it. When I know that there’s better on the other side, I cannot sit still in a place of “comfort” any longer. Entertaining the “familiar” can cause us to abort the “future”. You may become familiar with acting a certain way, but your future requires you to change. Heartbreaks, disappointments, and failures have expiration dates. I do not have to stay bound to them….I can peacefully make the decision to be free from it.

Until next time…enjoy your day overcomers! (Be free to share your thoughts as well!)

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