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Head Up, Fear Down (God Is the Lifter of My Head)

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When I think of shame, I think of someone walking with a dark cloud of judgment over them. Yes, that reference has been used to relate to depression, but shame is the cousin of depression. When you deal with shame, you deal with this deep sorrow over things you have done and/or was done to you. You may not have the will to get out of the bed to start a new day. You are fearful to approach life with all you have because you failed before. Those statements described me perfectly because I felt like the weight of what I have done and experienced was too much. It was almost a fight to start each new day without the feelings of self-doubt, un-fulfillment, and condemnation surrounding me. This went back as far as my teenage years because I did not find a voice for my pain. Fear can really distort your life when you allow it. It is not just scary to try new things, but you can become fearful of becoming free from old things. Fear is like that glue that holds shame and guilt together until we decide to loose ourselves from it. Let’s be honest. We all have done something shameful or morally wrong either once or many times in our lives but that does not accurately depict who you are. The easy mistake that all of us tend to make is to immediately attach “who we are” to “what we do”. The purpose of shame is for you and me to keep our eyes stuck on our wrongdoings instead of God’s forgiveness and grace.

For us to truly walk out who we were created to be, we must let go of our shameful deposition and the “guilty” persona created from our own negative thoughts. Fear can keep you trapped and blind you from the type of person you can truly become. With billions of people on this Earth, you are not the only person that messed up. You are not the only one that said something crazy, did something unspeakable, or whatever that thing is that is causing you to forfeit your destiny. Let me encourage you that you never have to hold your head down again over a moment of action. No matter how short or long you were entangled in something, there is a way out. You do not have to stay in a bound state of mind when you can rise from it. It is almost like an exchange in a way. I exchange my shame for freedom. I lay fear on the ground and stand to walk in God’s grace.

Something must be given up to “BE” STRONG, CHOSEN, and all the things we discussed thus far in this book. You cannot be both bitter and forgiving. I cannot be both bound and free. We must choose either one or the other. We must give up one in exchange for the other. We would all like to think that being indecisive can keep us from a choice, but it is still movement. Why I say that? The longer we stay on the fence about things, the farther we will become from our destiny. We can decide to stay complacent while the world around us continues to move on. Time is not going to pause, (unless God say so), when we pause. Honestly, indecisiveness is a time waster. We must make a choice about our lives that will keep us on the right track toward our powerful future. Do you want to “BE” a victor over your past or “be” a victim to it? Whatever decision you make will determine the path for your life. Choose to be an over-comer so you can BE FEARLESS.

Excerpt from Chapter 10: Know God. Be Strong. Do Exploits. ….“BE: Journey of Being”

As always feel free to comment and share your thoughts! If you are looking for something interesting to read that will inspire you to move forward and BE the change you want to see, you can purchase my book second book “BE” here on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09C3RKS54

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