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Power In Purpose #suicideprevention

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I wanted to share a passage from my book “BE” in today’s post to encourage someone to live out their purpose. I did not want to leave out my own voice concerning this month of National Suicide Prevention. We all have struggled with something, but I want to encourage all of us that we can overcome as well. Enjoy and feel free to leave your thoughts!

I have wrestled with suicidal thoughts at different moments in my life. One day, I decided to think about what will happened if I did go through it at any of those times. How will this affect my son knowing that someone he loved decided that she was not worth living? How will my family process it? Most importantly, all the special things God placed inside of me will go to waste. What will happen to the people that really did need me? I am sharing this story with you because there is a reason why I am still here. I HAVE PURPOSE. Suicide kills more than the body, but it aborts the mission of that person. Whatever he or she was sent to this Earth to do has become an empty space that must be filled. Purpose gives us the right to be on this Earth. Regardless of what was conjure up to come against you, you have a right to be here. God made you with a specific calling to carry out with your custom-made life. When you become purposeful, you fill your time with things that align with your purpose. You do not handle your life recklessly. You do not give time to toxic relationships. You do not engage in activities that will pull you away from your purpose. That does not mean you will not make mistakes, but you are mindful that I cannot let those mistakes rule my life because I have purpose. We seek marriage, education, money, etc. before we even find out what our purpose is. This is just my piece of advice, but I do believe that if you find out your purpose first then all those other things will align perfectly in your life. Instead of a marriage, you will have a “purposeful” marriage. Instead of just hanging out with random people, you will have “purposeful” friendships. You want to be powerful in life and surrounded by people that can help you elevate not be displaced in this world.

       In a way, purpose is like a lifeline. When I feel like I want to give up, I pull on it to remind me that I must keep going. I must keep going because God is counting on me to carry out the task given to me. I want to share this thought with you. Have you ever thought about how important you are to God? Have you ever just sat down and thought about why God gave you certain abilities? Sometimes we do want to give up on ourselves, but God does not. Deep inside of my heart, I truly believe God is cheering us on. It can be hard to believe why such a big, great God want to use such little human beings on this small Earth, but God takes pride in his work. He comes up with the greatest masterpieces and we must hold on a little longer so we can witness that beauty. Let us stop looking at our past and coming up with excuses to why we should be disqualified. If you are appointed, then you are appointed.

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