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“I Don’t Want the Familiar” …Changing My Routine

Getting over the past can get messy. You are working towards re-building your life after the drama, chaos, bad decisions, and wrong thinking, but sometimes the “longings of the past” seem to linger in the background. While I was in prayer one night, there were three things that came to my mind that I felt like I needed to start doing in order to let go of the Past fully, (and will share one for now and the rest in the coming weeks.) One of those was to change my routine. When it comes to getting over anything, ALL of you need to be in alignment…meaning going in the same direction. If I am doing the same things over and over again, then it’s hard to envision a future that’s void of the past because “nothing new” was introduced to the picture.

One of my goals is to establish a new, consistent schedule to follow each week so my mind is on “accomplishing new ideas”, my heart is on “ridding bad habits and old patterns”, and my soul is on “confronting the old so I can gain the healing”. I told God one night that “I do not want the familiar.” I felt like I came to a point in my life that I am ready for the “NEW”. New relationships, new opportunities, new direction……the old things that I was holding on to were holding me back and I finally saw the damage. Honestly you can become blind to the damage (abuse, resentment, emotional scars, bitterness) and actually think this is the “norm” for you. BUT being stuck is painful.

What does my new routine look like?

Putting God first.

Focusing on putting my business ideas in motion.

Saying “NO” to some things and keeping the commitment to prioritize my self-care over “people pleasing”, (and that’s not being selfish but not spreading myself thin).

Giving my time ONLY to the things and people that matter, (and that includes you all, “my readers” too!).

A new routine gives you a new outlook which pushes the Past OUT THE DOOR, because its no longer in your view.

As always, feel free to share your thoughts!

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