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A Community to Cherish

Photo by Ingo Joseph on Pexels.com

A community is not made of blood relations and people of longevity.

Connected only through relation, that person cannot see past the last name, but community blossoms you into a changed person.

Connected only through childhood, that person is only familiar with your past, but community transforms you into a person fitted for the future.

But there are family and old friends that are community because they understand purpose, and not standing in your life as critical bystanders.

Real community is formed out of loving support for purposeful lives to believe in.

Real community is not shaken by gossip from fruitless lives, and they easily dismiss life’s disappointments that come to break the union.

Real community closes doors to dead endings and make way for fruitful beginnings.

Real community opens doors to life-giving stories while planting seeds of truth for future growth.

Even if you possess a broken heart or mistrust for others, a community is needed for you to heal and move further in life.

Cherish the ones that are assigned to your life because their purpose is there to serve yours.

When it comes to building community, you must be free of the inner suspicions and allow your heart to discern the right people to have around you.

Life is done best with somebody else walking beside you.

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Thank you for reading and yes, I will be back with a poetic piece on tomorrow to celebrate the day of thankfulness….Good day peeps!


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