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Looking For an “Ordered” Life in 2023

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What it means to have an ordered life? A life that follows a “destined set of rules”. I understand why people make the comment of “living life on their own terms”, but sometimes “our terms” are not beneficial for where we are going. There can be clauses and statements in there that says, “You can be lazy sometimes” or “You do not have to forgive but stay bitter”, and we start to live life based off our bitter past or hurt feelings. Bringing order to your life is to bring a structure that can propel you forward not hold you back. This looks like setting a schedule to complete all your assignments on time, following an exercise routine that you can actually commit to, or finally getting rid of the “emotional baggage” so you can entertain the idea of surrounding yourself with the right people…(which that idea should turn into a “doing“.)

Why am I rethinking my life? I have gotten to the point where I am discontent with “not trying”. I am referring to ideas I want to bring into fruition concerning my career, business, and personal life. I can admit that I have settled for some things in life because I was afraid to try. I was afraid to try applying for a job in an industry that I actually desire to work in. I was afraid to make the move to an area that I actually desire to live. I was ultimately afraid to let go of past wounds and memories because I felt that I could not make new ones. Fear and doubt can keep you stuck, and now I am deciding to become unstuck so I can enjoy life as I suppose to.

Can next year be a year of “living on purpose”? This question can only be answered with my actions. Am I willing to go all in? Am I willing to make the right move without bowing down to the opinions of others? Ultimately, am I willing to follow God’s will for my life all the way to the end? Ideas are great to have but become a waste when they are not lived out.

Hope you enjoyed this post and also feel free to share your thoughts! 2023 is coming…..


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