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Looking To Be Productive in 2023

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As I was writing the title for this blog piece, my focus immediately went to the word “BE” which made me rethink this concept of productivity. I know “be” is a small word but it carries a heavy meaning. “To be” is to make it apart of you. At first, I looked at being productive as putting more time into things and doing more stuff. Although some tasks and goals need a certain amount of time and attention, my focus cannot be on the doing but the being. When I decide to be productive, the doing automatically follows. I don’t want to just do stuff. I want my life to be a house of production.

I aim to produce fruits of love, patience, joy, and self-control in my life. I aim to produce loving relationships with others as I become this person that adds value to people. I aim to produce things that are “life changing” as I learn to fully embrace my own difference and uniqueness. I aim to produce within my work life, my home life, my church life, my community, my family, my personal relationship with God, my relationship with myself, and my relationship with others.

My life does not have to be a poster child for “WORK. WORK. WORK.” in order to be productive. Busy work does not always equal productivity. I’m not saying be lazy either, but find yourself “actively doing good”. Whether is loving on someone that’s hurting, finishing that rough draft for that book that’s going to help men and women around the world, cutting ties with time-wasters (bad habits, wrong relationships, etc.), or working to build a better future for you and your family. Just by living in my purpose is allowing me to be productive in EVERYTHING I DO.

As always, have a great day peeps! Please feel free to leave your comments or thoughts? Question to ponder: How are you going to BE productive in 2023?


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  1. Be everything you can be

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