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12 Months of Gratitude…Looking Back Over My Life in 2022

I need to have more moments of gratitude so I can stay within this mindset of peace. When I look back over this year, all I can see is the beginning of some big things in the making. My faith is not dependent on my present circumstances but focused on what’s to come. I made my own little collage below to highlight some pretty good moments that I had this year. Now I’m a different type of person because I take joy in the simple things in life. It’s a blessing to have such a level of peace that you can enjoy and appreciate what you have in front of you.

January 2022– This is a poem from my first self published book that reminded me that I’m not a victim. I do not have to allow my past pain to keep me in chains but can move forward in life.
February 2022– I do not like driving in the snow but love to view it. I enjoy being under a warm blanket with my hands on the keyboard to write. This picture is a reminder of how much joy writing brings me because of the peaceful moments to allow my words to flow out.
March 2022– Coming from a person that experienced years of low self esteem, this picture from my birthday photo shoot means the world to me. My scars truly has beauty in them.
April 2022– This is a photo of the cast I worked with for a play I wrote and directed for church. The name of the play was “The Cross” about a family coming together as they conquer their own life trials. I always enjoyed scriptwriting and one of my goals is to one day produce stage plays on a higher and professional level….(eyes on Boardway!!). I’m reminded to not let go of this dream, because I enjoy working with creative people to bring stories to life.
May 2022– Graduating with my MBA…the late nights was worth it
June 2022– One of the best decisions I made was changing this blog to model after this poem. This is the theme of my life as I learn to overcome my own challenges as I share my life with you all as well.
July 2022– A photo from my solo trip to Hot Springs AR. Being out on Lake Hamilton was a treat for me because I’m reminded to take care of myself. Yes, a mental break is always needed.
August 2022– This is my unique and “cool” son, who is turning 10 on tomorrow! He has been one of my biggest encouragers during my educational journey and reminded me that I need to take a break. So, we spent an evening at a good restaurant just to celebrate a new school year for both of us.
September 2022– Tried something new…indoor skydiving….yes, I was scared because I’m afraid of heights 😆
October 2022– Art carries messages and happy that I got back into my artistic mode this year.
November 2022– As a Black female writer, I’m not trying to live up to a “certain standard”. Yes, I am black, but I’m not trying to be the next Tyler Perry. Yes, I’m a woman but I’m not trying to be the best female writer. Yes, I’m a Christian, but I’m not allowing anyone to put me in a box. I’m aiming to be ShuCora, and allow my writing to speak for itself.
December 2022- This is the beginning of my own writing and media company…..taking baby steps now

I hope you all have a great night and remember to show some gratitude for this year.


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  1. I am in this place.aswell!

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