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Remember #notetomyself

Reflect on the good. Confession: I’m use to expecting the bad. Even when good things are happening, I focus on the negative. Why? Sometimes I felt that good things happening to me was not deserving, which this notion was based on how I felt about myself. I felt unworthy because I was made to believe that I was unworthy. Then I am reminded that God’s plan for my life has nothing to do with what someone thought about me and was not based on my Past. God is good to me because He is good. I’m learning. I’m growing. I’m embracing. I was proud when I received my MBA and now working on my PhD. I was proud of taking TWO solo trips on this year. I am proud of sticking to my budget..(well most of the time lol). Life is much better when you appreciate every moment.

Change how you look at the bad. I truly wish I can take back the words that were said about me growing up, and even the loneliness I felt around my peers and some of my family. At the end of the day, some of those connections that I was longing to have with some of those people were proven or confirmed to be unnecessary for my life. Yes, bad experiences does us a favor by preventing certain friendships/relationships to take permanent roots in our lives. So, let them talk. Let them laugh. Let those situations fall apart. In the end, I aim to live a full life in freedom not behind a mask.

Learn from the moments of redemption. I thank God for second chances. I thank God for a renewed mind. I thank God for getting my finances together because I was struggling hard before. I thank God for allowing me to get out of wrong relationships because I was holding on to those people like life support. I am changing the way I present myself because “low self esteem” is not my portion. My desires in life are definitely changing. I use to crave the wrong things, and now I’m silencing those Death wishes. No, I’m not perfect but I’m moving forward toward better things.

I know that we want to choose not to remember certain things but in order to get through something, you have to put those memories in perspective. That is not to indulge in self-pity but to take action toward “mental liberation”. (In other words, my meditation is focused on being free from my Past not bound to it.)

One more life note to give y’all until I hang it up for this year. Once again, I thank everyone for checking out this blog on this year and cannot wait to reconnect with you all in 2023…So Watch Out! Also, feel free to share your thoughts…..(if I don’t respond as quickly, trust me I will read them once I get back to posting in January.)


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Hi..My name is ShuCora Walker. No, I am not the woman in the picture, but my words represent people like her. People who love good conversations. People who enjoy sharing their life stories. People who tell the truth to not only inspire but to heal, learn, and grow. I have been writing since my preteen years and found peace in letting my heart bleed out on the paper through my words. The focus of my writing has always been to share stories of triumph, struggles, and faith because God is the reason why I write. I remember at one point that I wanted to take my life, but God deemed it not to be because He still had a purpose for my life. Now, I am using my words to share my life journey so others can learn from it. Yes, one day I plan to open up this platform to other writers so we can continue to learn from different experiences of life. So, this is a space for anyone seeking to live a life of real freedom and enjoy some good moments along the way…


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