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Rebuilding (Putting the Right Pieces in Place)

The term rebuilding can mean different things to many people. You can rebuild in a sense of leaving a bad situation. You can rebuild in a sense of financial recovery. You can rebuild after suffering a big loss. For this particular post, I want to talk about rebuilding by putting the right pieces in place. Sometimes you can date the wrong person. You can be working the wrong job in a sense that is does not meet your financial or career expectations. You can be in the wrong place. You can be around the wrong people. This is not to say that those people or things are completely bad, but they are not good for you or where you are going. It’s a hard lesson to learn to have wasted time being around people who really weren’t your friends or work for years at a job that only want to keep you in a “box”. Or it could be keeping up with a certain routine that does not fit your life because you were trying to keep up with a popular trend.

Sometimes it’s not popular doing things differently because a good portion of us are pressured to live a life that aligns with whatever the “culture thinks”. You can follow all the rules, “color inside the lines”, or dot every “i” and still live an unfulfilled life. If I do not know my purpose or unaware of my own talents and potential, I can easily build a life that is counterproductive to the person I was originally made to be. Re-aligning your life takes some real self evaluation and for me it took much prayer as well just to recognize that there’s more out there for me. In order to move forward, I need to make peace with the “pieces in my life that did not work” so I can make room for the right pieces that are suppose to work.


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  1. This is so true! Great post. It’s all about finding what works best for you rather than following the trends.

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