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I’m Moving On

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Let’s be honest. There is always something you can find to be mad at, become depressed about, or even become swallowed in self-pity over, but you also have the choice to move on from it. I believe one of the hardest things for people to get over is the Past, but we tend to overlook that “our infatuation” with our Past Lives has the potential to kill a prominent future. Moving on does not mean dismissing what happen, but not allowing what happen to hinder any forward progress. I can say this one thing: I am proud of the woman that I AM BECOMING. No, I have not “arrived” but I am growing so why hold on to a past life that I do not live anymore? The difference between a person that is stuck on the Past and a person that has become unstuck is that one chose to live a forgiving life not a condemning one.

We all have done something wrong in our lives regardless of how big or small, but once we learn to move past that moment then we can live to do better than that moment. This also applies to what others have done to you as well. Let’s have another truth moment. The people we are still mad at today for things they have done in the Past to us are probably “living their best lives” right now while we are still sitting in the corner fuming over their old deeds. Whether that person hurt you two months ago or just this morning, the choice lies with you to either stay stuck in that moment or move from it. As you move forward, the healing can begin.

So how I’m going to approach my Past today…….I’m Moving On.

What if people keep bringing up the Past….I’m Moving On AND Leaving Them There.

Can I truly Move On and Have Better……Hmmm let me MOVE ON and find out…

As always feel free to leave your thoughts and Good Day Overcomers!

3 responses to “I’m Moving On”

  1. So true! It’s the best kind of energy to have.

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    1. It really is….nothing but peace ☺️

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