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Opening Up My Heart Again……

In a couple of months, I am planning to relocate to Texas. Now my weeks are filled with job searching, housing plans, and emotional rollercoasters. I have moved quite a bit in the last ten years of my life, so it’s no surprise to me when it comes to the preparation that must be done in relocating to a new city or place. For this particular move, I did not want it to be just a change in location but a change in my heart as well. There are things that I have experienced in the past that caused me to close my heart. In closing my heart, I was closing myself off from the things that I needed to become healed and whole again. I understand hurt. I understand pain. I understand how it feels to feel misunderstood as you go through those moments of pain and hurt.

Last week, I asked the question, “Who Are You Outside of the Pain?” and that same question connects to what I am writing about on today. In order to see “who you are” outside of the hurt, you must open your heart again to the healing and love that’s available. I am not talking about fake love, fake loyalty, or fake peace (you know when you pretend like everything is cool just to please the people around you..), but I am talking about the love that comes from being around people that truly care about you, the peace that comes with breaking off bad relationships, bad habits, and the things that are hindering you in life, and the loyalty that comes with walking with God through both the good and bad times in life.

I learned in life that “I cannot do it alone”. I tried but eventually failed. I thought by doing it alone will protect my heart from the disappointments and heartbreak, BUT that only brought more disappointment and heartache because I was inflicting the same pain on myself through doubt, fear, condemnation, shame, etc. I truly thank God for bringing me to this point of “allowing my heart to crack open”, because yes, it is a process but I’m willing to let go of what was. Now, I am praying for the right community to be in, the right friendships to embrace in my life, the right team to work with in my creative endeavors, and the right spouse to do life with…(yes I know it’s February lol).

Life is not going to be “rainbows and cotton candy” every day. There are going to be days when you feel great. There are going to be days when you just have to deal with what life dishes out, but it does not mean that I must lost my faith, my joy, and even my peace in the midst of that. The heart has to be taken care of not just physically, but emotionally. To be honest, the emotional part can greatly affect the physical part. When life happens, you have to sit and let the heart breathe. I am looking forward to living a fulfilled life and enjoying life with the ones I cherish and love as well. I pray the same for you.

Hey thanks for reading because it makes me happy to add some encouragement and inspiration to your day! As always feel free to add your thoughts to the conversation…..Until next time!


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