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I Am Not Limited by Their Rejection…(neither Are You)

Everyone has the right to have their own opinion but I also have a right to receive or reject their opinions. Sometimes we can make blanket statements about people with no clue of who they really are. We can pass judgement based off their appearance and not their character. I have been there. I was judged before that person got to know me, and even judged others myself before I got to know them. Regardless of what was said, I cannot determine my life off another person’s words. I do not care how many times you heard the words “Stupid”, “Ugly”, “Nobody”, “Reject”, “Not good enough”, or whatever negative statement that was spoken to you….you still can overcome what they said.

You can say that “I’m stupid” but I’m still going to finish school.

You can say that “I’m ugly” but I’m still going to walk out my house looking like I’m somebody.

You can say that “I’m a nobody” but I’m still going to find real friends and community for my life.

I understand how it feels to be the topic of gossip or the center of a joke. No, you don’t have to do anything for someone to say something negative about you. One thing I have to keep in mind is that I’m living THIS ONE LIFE, and I decide whether to live it being chained to rejection or living free from it.

As always, feel free to share your thoughts…there’s room for you to add to the conversation!


2 responses to “I Am Not Limited by Their Rejection…(neither Are You)”

  1. So much truth in this blog!

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