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Embrace Who You Are Today

To me, the number #1 killer to your mental state is regret. Living in regret will have you missed out on YOUR ENTIRE LIFE. The choices I made in my 20s had me thinking twice in my 30s. Every year, we are truly changing, whether for the better or the worst….(I hope not for the worst lol). The trap I believe some of us find ourselves in is living in the Past. We made a stupid mistake in our teen years (or at any past age), and we are witnessing the effects of that choice in our adulthood. It could have been an unexpected pregnancy, getting into all types of drugs, hanging out with the wrong crowd, clowning around in school, or whatever that “regret” was, but the freedom comes when we realize that time has passed. I am no longer the 20-something young woman that lived in a fantasy of making someone be something that they are not just to have this “so-called” relationship, because the 34-year-old woman now realized that being a single mother is not a fantasy.

Although I made a bad decision years ago, it does not “rain on my parade” for this day. Today, I am blessed to enjoy my son and watch him flourish in life. Before, I was beating myself up so bad over that ONE decision that I was missing out on some redeeming qualities and moments. I grew in wisdom as a parent and a woman. I had plenty of moments filled with laughter and joy with my son that outweigh those moments filled with stressful tears. I cannot do anything about yesterday but today I am embracing who I am right now. A woman with a story to share and who is walking in peace……Embrace today.


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