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You Can Change Location but It’s Not Enough to Change You

Let me first state this. I am not a believer of staying in toxic relationships, toxic friendships, or toxic environments. If you are reading this and that is your situation right now, I want you to know two things:

It is not okay to stay in a toxic place.

Do not believe the lie that “you cannot leave” because YOU CAN.

One thing that I have noticed in my own life is that location does not necessarily change you unless you are making those changes inwardly as well. I am referring to the commitment to yourself to make better choices when it comes to your mental health, your physical health, and other personal areas. You can live in the best city making great money and surrounded by good people but still cannot enjoy it BECAUSE….YOU are still living in the PAST. The Past can consist of your last job, your last relationship, your last church, or anything that you had to leave behind for the betterment of yourself. To be honest, people move for a reason. They switch jobs for a reason. They break off relationships for a reason. The reason is that we are looking for a change, but the change must first start in us. We change the way we think about ourselves, so we are not falling back into old habits or old relationships. We change the way we think so we are not allowing anxiety and fear to control our lives.

It is not enough to change where you are going, but you must also commit to changing how you will embrace where you are going.


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