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I Forgave My Younger Self…

As adults, we tend to finally recognize how foolish some of our past mistakes were. We were that “wild and reckless one” in our teens and/or 20s but in our 30s and 40s, we came to the conclusion that “being rebellious” is not wise or fun. Sometimes our younger years are filled with impulsive choices because we were seeking a feeling rather then wisdom. Now this post may not be for everyone but it is for the one that needs to let go of what they have done when they were younger.

I had a revelation today about my younger self. During my early years of motherhood as a single parent, I struggled in parenting my son because my mind was focused on the shame and guilt that came with my pregnancy. At times, I felt I was either too harsh or not giving my son enough attention due to all of the other things I had going on in my life. When I thought about how hard I was on myself, I had to see that I was just trying to parent the best way I knew how. I was working with what I had at that time and now I finally understood why I reacted in certain ways.

I understood why the younger me acted the way she did and she needs forgiveness from the woman I am today. Forgiveness taught me that people can be at a place in their life that can caused them to act in a certain way that is not reflective of who they really are. Yes, I understand that we have repeated offenders but I do know that everyone has the opportunity to change. I did.

So why hold on to a past mistake or mistakes when you are not the person that you used to be?

As always, feel free to comment and add some wisdom to the conversation!


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