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SHORT NOTES….(Small Reminders to Not Stay Stuck)

Everyone needs encouragement from time to time especially during moments of transition in life. Whether you are faced with a job loss, moving to a new state or finally tying the martial knot with your significant other, be careful not to fall into the trap of “looking back”. It is easy to stay stuck on the “what ifs” and overlook the “what can”. Even in my own life right now, I found myself becoming easily discouraged because I want to have everything figured out and honestly life is not like that. Yes, it is good to plan, but I also have to be reminded that I must keep moving forward even if some things do not go according to plan. On the other hand, things may be moving in the right direction in your life, but you still have to overcome fear and anxiety so your hope will not diminish. You can be in the right relationship. You can have the right opportunity. You can be in the right place, but you also have to choose not to stay stuck on what did not work before. Anxiety likes to remind us of all the times we faced trouble in our lives but fail to point out how those situations end up working out for our good. Fear is always standing on the sideline shouting “It won’t work” but fail to mention that things could actually work out. Even if it doesn’t work out the way we expect, it just may mean that something better is on the horizon. So, choose not to stay stuck but keep pushing forward.


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