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Let Go….#shortnote

I cannot control everything. I do not have a magic wand to wave around and transform my entire life in a matter of seconds. We have to constantly remind ourselves that “SOME THINGS ARE OUT OF OUR CONTROL”. Yes, we all have the power to choose, but we cannot always control the outcome or the direction of things. So, we all must learn to LET GO. This also applies to past memories or past pain that you are fighting to hold onto but in order to be truly free, you must LET GO. I would like to see what is on the other side of the hurt. I would like to see what is on the other side of disappointment. I would like to see what is on the other side of this new chapter. Instead of fighting what’s in front of me, I will do my part and leave the rest in God’s hands. Let go…..

Do you have a hard time letting go?


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