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Kiss It Goodbye

Kiss It Goodbye

— Read on fearbreakloose.com/2018/01/30/tuesday-thoughts-kiss-it-goodbye/

At the time that I wrote this, I was in a very frustrating place. Now that I have grown from that period in my life, I see things differently. Maybe my frustration was rooted in the discontent with the familiar…..familiar relations, familiar ways of life, familiar conversations…I was aiming for something new and now I see that I had to kiss Fear goodbye in order to move forward.


2 responses to “Kiss It Goodbye”

  1. Amazing post
    Great post! It’s inspiring to see how you were able to overcome your frustration by saying goodbye to fear, and discover something new. Can you share some examples or tips of how you managed to kiss fear goodbye and move forward?

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    1. Hey Hanna👋🏾…..The two biggest things that helped me were changing the way I saw myself and changing the crowd around me. Fear is really like a “cover up” in a way because you are blind to what you can really do and become. I noticed when I moved to a certain area that I found myself being exposed to new things and people that prompt me to face some of my fears. Sometimes hanging around the wrong group can keep you stuck in fear because they are scared to try anything themselves. It’s good to expose yourself to new things so that fear can be confronted. I could go a lil deeper lol but that’s the writer in me 😆


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