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Words That Started My Blogging Journey

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

The month of April is known as Poetry Month and it made me think about the words that we share with each other as writers, poets, or just regular human communicators. When I started this blogging journey, I did it with the intention to put myself out there as a writer and share my own creative stories. Since then, this journey transformed me as a person and brought words of healing, truth, and inspiration to both my soul and spirit. On this month, I’m sharing some poetic inspiration and “life notes” from a couple of my early blog posts that personally impacted me outside of my writing. I had to learn the lesson that my words matter and what I say do have an impact on how I see life and do life. When I sit to write my blog posts each week, I see the growth in my own life as I continue to share what’s on my heart. Eventually I came to realize that life is definitely a journey worth walking out.

Looking forward to sharing the words that started this blogging journey…..Happy April!


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