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Being honest with ourselves is hard….

In order to truly move forward in life, we must be honest about where we are in life right now. If I want to make changes in my diet, career, or even how I approach family relationships, I first must identify my problem and then move accordingly. This is not to say to be hard on yourself but BE HARD on the issues or hinderances (that can include people as well) that are holding you back so you can let go and move on to your best life.

Also know that the truth about the things you need to change must come from a place of love not condemnation. There’s a difference between telling yourself “Skip Netflix tonight and make time to study so you will pass this next assignment” and telling yourself “You are nothing but a failure and will never achieve anything”. One statement speaks truth that prompts change while the other statement speaks lies masked as truth. Condemnation never leads to change but it reinforces stagnation and procrastination.

Yes be real with yourself but leave the unnecessary negativity out of it. Truth is love. So love yourself


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