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Who Are You….Right Now #fridayspark

Everyone has a Past.

Whether your Past was horrible or memorable, you have one. If I know I have a Past that I have lived through, then I also know that there’s a time when I moved from it. Time never stops. It keeps going. I am no longer a 10-year-old or a 26-year-old, but I am currently sitting in the time of my 30s. Whatever have happened in those past moments are not happening right now. The little girl I was twenty-five years ago is not the woman I am right now. I cannot go backwards in time, so I only have the choice of moving forward. Yes, you can choose to stand still but time will keep moving.

I am not proud about some of the things I have done in the Past, but I do have moments from my Past that I cannot forget like the birth of my son, discovering my love for art and writing, and earning my MBA. When I think about the type of person that I was then, I am cheerful on the inside about the person that I have become right now. Who are you right now? What type of person you are becoming in this very moment? It is good to reflect on how far you came so you can thrive on that encouragement to continue moving forward. I cannot do anything about the things I have done before including on yesterday and this morning, but I can make the decision RIGHT NOW to be different, do something different, and simply keep it moving. I am proud of the person I am RIGHT NOW.

Hope you enjoyed today’s Friday Spark! If you have any comments or thoughts, feel free to share below….spark some conversation!


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