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Truth Is Speaking… (Short Poem)

Many voices, many opinions….many lies brewing

“Shapeshifting” individuals distorting the spoken Truth

The voice of Truth cannot be put on pause…we need it

Screaming about love but refuse to embrace it when Truth arrives

Pleasing every ear and appealing to every eye….no peace in it

Speaking outloud that Truth is about setting you FREE

-ShuCora Walker, ©2023. All Rights Reserved.

I rather be a person that speaks truth instead of spewing out lies just to please people. If I say I love you, then allow me to speak truth to you. The truth is that a life lived full of sin, pain, guilt, and shame will not get you the freedom that you seek. Freedom is found in letting go and embracing the real Truth. For me, that is embracing Jesus Christ. In today’s world, I know that is an unpopular answer to give but He is the only truth that I found that brought real freedom to my Life. Sometimes the Truth does not feel good, but it is meant to shed Light.

Have a great weekend, peeps…..as always feel free to share your thoughts below.


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