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Why Start a Blog?

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It is good to ask questions. As a writer, I have to constantly remind myself of why I do what I do. Why did I start a blog? Was I just bored? Did I have some books to sell? Yes, I am a self-published author of two books, but that is not the reason that I started the blog. As a full-time PhD student and working mom, I do not have much time to spare so I did not start this blog out of boredom either. As a writer, it is important to put your work out there so starting a blog is not a bad idea, but my reason for starting one is bigger than that. My reason for starting a blog is I have something to say. That may sound somewhat vague or obvious in a way, but I really do have something to say. I have enough life experiences, (more still to come), to share lessons for others to read. I am very passionate about seeing people living a life of freedom and not bound to their issues, the Past, or even the opinions of others. I had experienced things that both broke and matured me so starting this blog has helped me to have a voice and speak up about things that need to be talked about.

Starting a blog should not be complicated. You should not feel like you are this weird person that is just putting words out there on the Internet that you think no one will read. If you have something to say that is of value to someone, you should start. Don’t start because you do not have anything else to do because it takes time to maintain a blog just like any other social media page. Don’t start just to compete with someone else because creating content becomes easy when its original not a “copy and paste” job. Don’t start to become this “famous guru or celebrity” because the truth is that it is easy to go viral, but it takes endurance to maintain longevity.

In the end, you may have a variety of reasons of why you want to start a blog but make sure the reason is enough to keep you going and not quit.

Hey….have your own thoughts…let me know in the comments!


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