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I’m Writing For…..

I am not for everyone, and neither are you. This is one thing that every author, blogger, content creator, and entrepreneur should come to terms with at the beginning of their venture. So, it is okay if everyone does not get your content because your content is not meant for everyone. I learned about “target audiences” in my MBA program, and the potential success of a business depends on identifying the people that the business is for. Yes, I do believe you should put your content out there so your audience can find you but once you start getting feedback or engagement then you should have a picture of who you are writing for. In all truthfulness, you should know the people that you are intending to reach in the beginning, but I understand when you are creating something so different that you do not know your audience until you put it out there.

So, who I am writing for? I am writing for the people who are tired of letting fear hold them back. I am writing for the people who do want something different out of life. I am writing for the rejected ones, the rebellious ones, the single mothers and single fathers, the backsliders, the broken-hearted, the fearful, the ones who struggled with their faith, the rule-breakers, the ones who “color outside the lines”…because those are the people who I once was.

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