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Coming Into My Own as A Writer

The best feeling you can have as a writer, an artist, or any type of creative is the satisfaction of your own work. I am a Black woman, and sometimes it is irritating to me for people to compliment something I have done and say, “You write like Tyler Perry”. Yes, I do admire the business mindset that Tyler Perry has and even watched some of his movies and plays, BUT I am like “I am not Tyler Perry”. There is only one Tyler Perry and only one ShuCora Walker. Sometimes I feel that people think you have to be a “stereotypical” writer mean I have to write only for black people because I am Black or only write for women because I am a Woman. I write about life because people, regardless of race or gender, deals with life.

I take pleasure in creating my own writing style so I try not to give people expectations on the type of writer I should be. My main audience is made up of different types of people, because I do love different stories. The more I write, the more I discover how deeply passionate I am about certain topics. I never want to limit myself in my writing, because I believe my writing will continue to grow as I learn more about who I am as a person. I encourage every writer to spend time knowing who you are and be proud of what you have done thus far as a writer. Waiting for the recognition and the big paychecks, (although those are good things), will have you holding yourself back so continue to write, write, and write.


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