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How I Allow My Peace to Not Be Disturbed….

One thing I learned is that I don’t have to endure a friendship, a relationship, or even a certain situation that is not best for my life. I say “I learned” because some of us have been taught to just put up with anything as long as you have somebody or something to hold on to. You are told to stay in an unhealthy or unequally yoked relationship because being “single and waiting for the right one” is bad in the eyes of some. You are told to stick out a bad situation at work because you should be “grateful” to have a job although you are receiving low pay and mistreatment. Both of those examples I mentioned were real life situations in my life and I had to decide either to remain disturbed or take back my peace. Of course, I am not saying that you should run from every problem, but you should discern when a situation has a “dead end”.

I had to recognize two things: “Not everyone is for me” and “Not everything is best for me”. In addition to that, I had to come to terms with my own anxious and indecisive behavior and back away from making certain moves and decisions out of fear. If something does not work out for someone, it does not mean it will be the same for me, because I cannot take on someone else’s fears because they were scared to make certain decisions. Here are three small tips that helped me stay AT Peace in relation to dealing with people and certain circumstances:

1. Do not give ear to every “voice”. This is mostly self-explanatory, because sometimes we feel like we have to get everybody’s opinions on every move that we make. The problem is that we are getting “opinions” not “wisdom”. Wisdom directs you, while opinions sway you. I notice that some of my desires in life are not the same as others so I cannot expect them to go along with what I am seeking because they are not going in that direction in their own life. You have to accept the fact that every voice you hear is not the voice you need to hear. If I want to make a peaceful move, I need to seek the wisdom needed to make that move peacefully. Discouragement comes when we allow people or even our own circumstance to determine how we should approach life itself. When you find yourself angry and disturbed, you need to examine what or who you are listening to.

2. Focus on what matters. Last week, my Instagram account got hacked which caused me to get off the platform and lose both of my Instagram pages. After that situation occurred, I started to feel that I did not lose anything because for a while now I been thinking about focusing just on my blogs and building up my YouTube channel instead of maintaining a personal page. I wanted to just focus on creating meaningful content and not be so concern with keeping up a “public image”. When I was on Instagram, I was wrestling with the thoughts of what my peers thinks or people who grew up with me feel about the content I was posting. Yes, some of these thoughts are in just my “head”, but I had to physically cut off the distraction (losing my Instagram) so I can focus on what matters now in my life. I may get back on it one day, but I am at peace with the direction I am going in now.

3. Be specific in what you want out of life. I love to jot down notes, so I decided to make lists about things that I am expecting in life whether it is in my career, business, or what I’m seeking in a future spouse. When I know what I am seeking out of life, I will not accept everything that comes my way. If I am seeking peaceful situations, I will not accept chaos. If I am seeking genuine love, I will not accept lustful intentions or behavior. I will only accept what brings me Peace.

Thanks for reading! As always, feel free to share your comments below….


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