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Taking A Chance….

Taking a chance at something new….

So let me share a life moment with a short encouraging note. Right now, I’m currently in the state of Oklahoma. Why you may ask? I decided to take a chance on myself and attend an interview in person for this potential job opportunity. Yes, I drove a pretty good distance and there’s no guarantee I will get the job BUT I decided to go the extra mile because I wanted to take a chance at something that I desire for my life.

Taking a chance at something does not mean knowing the exact outcome but doing whatever it takes to get to the desired outcome whether or turns out that way or not. Yes, I do believe in using wisdom in whatever you do but sometimes you do need to take a bigger initiative on the things you truly desire in life. I admit that I have allowed fear to hold me back from trying when it came to certain opportunities or new ventures I wanted to pursue, so I’m encouraging you to at least take a chance on what you want.

Whether it works or not, at least you tried. Also, don’t forget that each life moment can turn into a valuable lesson so don’t allow the fear of disappointment or failure keep you from giving it YOUR ALL and learning some things along the way.

Talk to you all later and please feel free to share your thoughts below.


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