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Fear Of Missing Out????

Early this week, I chatted about taking a chance on the things you desire for your life. I wanted to add an encouraging aspect to that because I understand that some us fear missing out on things due to certain life decisions we made. I am not talking about decisions that are destructive or harmful to ourselves and the people around us, but I’m referring to decisions that bring discipline and freedom to our lives. You can disagree with what I’m about to say but discipline and freedom do go hand in hand. When I am discipline in an area, I can become free in that area. In order to become free in a certain area of my life, I have to become disciplined.

For example, I have to become disciplined with my eating habits and exercise routine (or start one) in order to lead a more healthier lifestyle. The same way works with money, relationships, or anything else in our lives. I can make a decision to stop entertaining the wrong types of guys when it comes to romantic relationships, but I should not fear missing out on a relationship because I decided to stop engaging in bad relationships. You can make a decision to move to a better location so you can have access to better job opportunities and resources, but you should not fear missing out on the little or no opportunities you had in your current place because you decided to choose better for YOUR LIFE.

No one should feel bad for making better decisions. I chose not to be the “party girl” because I did not want my life to be dictated by alcohol and one-night stands. I chose to go back to school and gain more education because I did not want to be limited in my career and entrepreneurial aspirations. To some, I may appear like I’m missing out on certain things but to be honest, I’m not missing out anything. Before, I missed out on my peace, real joy, and fulfillment because I chose to do what everyone else was doing. Now I decided that my life is better lived above the opinions of others.

Any thoughts? Feel free to share below and thanks for reading!


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