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Not Good Enough?

Do you think you are good enough to start the blog or YouTube channel? Do you think you are good enough for that job position you desire? Do you think you are good enough to have healthy friendships/relationships in your life? Why do we find ourselves battling with this thought of “Am I good enough”? Sometimes life hits us in ways that have us questioning our own self worth and abilities, but the best way to answer that question, “Am I good enough?, is with our unique testimony.

I learned that I must retell my own life story to myself so I can overcome those feelings of doubt and fear in moments when I am trying to engage in something new. Whether it’s getting serious about my writing from a business aspect or following a daily routine to keep focus, I had to personally recognize how far I came on this journey called life. Yes, I had moments where I failed, but I also learned to rise from them.

So the next time you feel like you are not good enough, remind yourself of how far you came and that you are good enough for the path that you are on.

Thank you for reading and please feel free to share your thoughts below! Chat with you later this week!


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