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Divorce the “Struggle Mentality”

Let me first state that this post is not referring to individuals that are currently facing some hard circumstances due to unfortunate events that have unexpectedly happen in their lives. I know life happens so in no way am I downing someone else’s bad situation that they had no control over. Currently, I am in between jobs due to my work contract ending last month but I’m grateful to God that I’m still able to provide for my son and I due to some good saving habits 😉 while I’m continuing interviews for good job positions. Now on to the conversation!

Yesterday, I had to come to terms that I wanted better. It may sound silly to confess that but if you have ever experienced any kind of struggle in life, that mentality of “struggle” at times can alter your outlook on life where you are expecting to just struggle “all the time”. Whether you grew up in a single parent home or was/are a single parent like me, it does not mean you have to submit to a lifestyle of struggle when you can choose better. Some people may had parents that couldn’t afford all the nice things in the world when they were growing up or pay for college education, but those same people can choose either to sing that sad song of struggle or commit to living a life that goes beyond their past struggles. For others, they settle for struggle love because they think that is all they deserve and it’s normal to them to engage in toxic/unhealthy relationships.

Struggle should not be seen as a badge of honor. Yes, we all experience ups and downs in life but we can also choose to overcome. Yes, I endured some difficult situations both financially and mentally and I also chose to overcome those same situations by changing my mindset and divorcing bad habits. There is nothing wrong with wanting nice things or staying in a nice area as long as you are obtaining those things in the right way. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be in a loving and respectful relationship and not endure abuse and infidelity just to say you are in a relationship. There is absolutely nothing wrong with desiring to live a life that is different from what you grew up seeing. Don’t hold yourself back from better. Be encouraged to go after whatever is THE ABSOLUTE BEST for your life.

Do you have thoughts to share? Please feel free to comment below and chat with you on tomorrow!


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