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Truth or Lie

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Happy Friday! It seems that the cold weather is finally coming in here in Arkansas, and now it’s time to pull out my winter clothes. The year is going by quickly, and in November, I wanted to focus on topics surrounding “truth” and “lies”. As we approach another year, we all have goals we want to set, but we always do not have “beliefs” that match that. It is hard to achieve something or even heal from past wounds, if there are lies operating within you that are hindering you from those end goals. It takes courage to confront your own belief system. If I am not reaping certain things that I felt that I sowed the right seeds for, then I must consider my own ways. What am I believing? What I should really be doing? What should I stop doing? To be completely honest, we operate our lives out of what we believe. Sometimes, what we believe may not be true. So check how you are living…..are you going after lies or truth?

Believe the lies?? I cannot believe everything that goes through my mind. If you ever wonder why you act a certain way, then you need to examine what you are truly believing in your heart. Some of us have actually believe that we were a “nobody”, and our entire lives was centered around people pleasing, low self esteem, and just reckless living to enforce what we were truly believing. Others have believed that their struggles were “okay” to live with…..but is that the truth? Can you actually be free from a dysfunctional mindset? You can continue to believe “what you can’t do”, “what you not”, or “this is not possible for my life”, but do not expect the fruit of “life” to come from seeds of lies.

Dig for the truth. Don’t believe everything you hear, see, or even think. Find out the truth. I am referring to your own individual life. Of course, there is plenty of debate out there right now from politics to human welfare, but the world affairs has nothing to do with what You say about You. I am not referring to what’s going on in the world out there, but what’s going on inside of you. If you desire to be at a certain level in your life, examine where you are now. Why do you think a certain way? Why don’t you believe you can do certain things? It is very possible to go through your entire life believing one thing about yourself just to find out that it was never true. You probably are not that shy like you think. You probably are smarter than you know. You probably are capable of achieving more than what you limited yourself to.

I can’t wait to chat with you all next month as we uncover some lies and reveal the truth!

As always, feel free to comment and chit it up with me…..Good Day Overcomers!

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