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You Got to Use What You Have

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When I started writing short stories during my preteen years, all I had was a notebook and a pen. No one really knew at the time that writing was my passion, but I did not need validation to begin putting words on paper. I remember the times that I did not have a laptop or a capable smartphone to write down poems and other creative ideas, but I spent time in the computer lab at the school library to write and carried around a jump drive to save my work. Back then, I knew I had “something to say” and needed to work out this creative voice that I have through any means necessary. I used that example because I learned that there really is no excuse to not do something. No, you may not have the fancy equipment (yet). No, you may not have the huge team (yet). No, you may not have the funds (yet). No, you may not have the time you think you need to complete certain things. In order to grow, you first need to go. Growth does not come before the movement, but the movement must happen FIRST in order for growth to occur.

I clearly understand what I am working with in relation to certain goals that I have. I know that I am starting from scratch in building an audience on social media as well as committing a chunk of my day creating content that may not spark a lot or no attention for a while. I do not allow what I think is a “disadvantage” to stop me from moving forward as a writer and entrepreneur. Work ethic and character are two things that are sharpened in our seasons of “trying”. You have to try. When you try, you realize that you have a purpose for doing a certain thing which fuels how you approach your goals. I do believe not everyone have the right motives when it comes to building a business or reaching a certain goal, but you do not have to give in to the temptations that surround different levels of success. Your heart does not have to waver when your motivation is not an external factor (i.e.. obsession with fame, greed, etc.)

My motivation is more of a desire to live out my purpose here on Earth and become fulfilled during the process. Yes, I admit that my heart waver at times due to the temptation to keep up with everyone else. Sometimes, we do value numbers more than the actual content itself, but I cannot find worth in a “view” or “like” if my content did not truly resonate with that person. In order for my work to speak for itself, I have to put the work in and create value. If I have to stay up, then I will stay up. If I have to give up a Saturday, then I will give up a Saturday. If I have to spend money on a monthly subscription to learn how to do certain things, then I will invest in myself so I can succeed. Even if you do not have any of that, use what you have and multiply it. I never like seeing people give up so easily on a dream or goal because it does not look like the “final picture” immediately after starting. Keep going and stay focused on “why” you are doing it.

As always feel free to leave your comments and thoughts! Good night!


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