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….What Can You Do With Today

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Good afternoon! This post may be more fitted for a morning time, but I believe anytime is good for encouragement. I have been thinking about comparison and how it can easily steal the joy and blessings of a new day. Instead of appreciating the breath you have been given as you awake and start the day, you find yourself complaining or analyzing your life to see if it measures up to another’s expectations. I can’t do whatever everyone else is doing, especially if it does not work for my life. I can’t downplay my own achievements, because someone else exceeded goals that I hoped to pursue one day. What is the purpose at looking at someone else when I have myself to navigate?

Days are precious and time notifies us that life has an expiration date. Even if you felt like you wasted the majority of the day thus far, there is still time left to achieve what you want for this day. I’m allow my days to be stolen by the time I waste mediating on unnecessary things such as comparisons, stress/worries, triggers, and other time obstacles. We all have a choice to make the most of our days. No, I may not have everything I want within this moment, but I can still enjoy what I have before me. I’m looking forward to picking up my son and making one of our favorite meals for dinner. I’m looking forward to spending some time writing later in the evening. I’m even looking forward to a nice bath to unwind for the night. These may be little things in the eyes of others, but these tasks allow me to reach my goals of time management, growth, and self-care.

I encourage you to re-think how you spend your days. Don’t worry about what you don’t have but focus on the priorities before you. Work toward the type of life that YOU DESIRE. I thank God for this wonderful gift of life, and I thank Him for the opportunity to make the most out of it. It’s in our hands.

This is a great post to start the week off with, (well the rest of the week lol). As I get older, (my birthday is next week!!), I am finding myself wanting more and more to detach from the world’s expectations of me. I don’t want to abide by anyone’s timeline but choose to live the life that was already designed for me, (and trust me that God wants a lot more for me than what some people expect.) I am aiming this year to really pursue “what’s for me”. So, if this post spoke to you in any way, feel free to comment! Good day, overcomers!

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