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My Next Chapter: “No More Lonely”

Be wise with my relationships.

For this post, I wanted to share an excerpt from a section in Chapter 6 (BE WISE) of my book “BE” that focused on BEING WISE WITH MY RELATIONSHIPS. Let me confess one thing. One of the things that hurts my heart deeply is to see people, (and even myself), hook up with people that stifle their purpose or leading them down a path to nowhere. I hate to see people settle. So, allow the following words to shift your thinking from “being forced” into relationships to “being fitted” for the right ones.

My Relationships Are Important

                As a woman in her early 30’s, I am coming to the realization that I have been doing relationships wrong, (platonic and romantic ones). Why do I say that? When we interact with people, we are technically merging our life with theirs. We may discuss careers and family or engage in social activities, but we are ultimately allowing people to partake in our life. The problem comes when we do not discern these encounters. I am not saying that the world is full of evil people but you must be careful in who you allow into your life. It is not the person I’m looking at but the spirit they possess. We all heard of the phrase “birds of a feather flock together” because people tend to latch on to other people similar to them. That gathering can be based on good intentions or bad ones. When you are intentionally walking in your purpose, you will encounter people that will try to railroad you from your purpose. One lesson I am soaking in is to not just let “anyone” inside of my life without discerning who sent them. Did God send this person into my life or is Satan deploying one of his “decoy” to sabotage what God has for me? Relationships are created to be intimate ties between individuals to do life together. We must be wise in our relationships because “our crowd” can determine whether we walk in freedom or be ruled by our struggles.

                Although some connections bring atomic bombs into our lives, there are ones that were destined to bring “tidings of joy”. In other words, there are relationships designed to further us in our purpose. Dealing with issues of rejection has caused me to draw away from people at times instead of entertaining the thought of forming healthy relationships. I am a believer of “quality of friends” then “quantity of friends”. I have honestly fell into the trap of thinking that having a lot of friends mean I am worth a lot more. Growing up, I rationalized in my head that you actually had to know a lot of people to get anywhere in life, (let’s blame social media for that), but I’m finding years later that all connections are not “good” connections. That does not take away from the fact that every connection is not destructive. Trust is an area that we need to commit to building because it will help us open to new people, experiences, and especially the great future we have. Just think about your life for thirty seconds and how it will look if you were connected to the right people. Would much love exuberate from you because you have friends that model that? Or would you flourish even more if you were supported by the right spouse? Of course, you can flourish and show love as an individual person but that becomes exemplified when you add the right people to your life. Be wise with who you allow to have access to your life…thieves or life-givers.

As always feel free to comment and share your thoughts!

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