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Taking the Leap: Pieces of My Faith Journey Part Two

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Good evening! I took a break last week and this week, I wanted to complete part two to my post from a week ago. If I had not mentioned before, writing is like therapy for me. The more I write out my thoughts concerning this topic, the more encouraged and strength I gain to move forward. (Pray you are feeling the same!) On my current reading list, I am reading the “Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks because I wanted to shift my mind from “can’t” to “can” concerning things I wanted to pursue. Living in “stagnant mode” is not an exciting life. I want to take risks and enjoy every bit of my journey. To be given life is to be entrusted with a beautiful treasure from God. So why waste something precious?

I struggled with growing my faith because my eyes were fixated on what was around me. I did not focus much on my calling and the amazing things inside of me. I relied more on my issues to shine the light to the path I was suppose to be on. Usually that was a path of destruction because I felt that was what I truly deserved. Although I struggled with those thoughts, I still had this deep feeling of unfulfillment. I knew that there was more and could not keep wasting time “doubting”. We can honestly create all the vision boards we want and “declare this or that” until we are red in the face but none of that will be of value if there is no faith attach to it.

Now, when it comes to faith, I like to believe that we are believing for a “shift in our lives”. Shifting from old mindsets, bad behaviors, and the “wrong” people takes faith. You don’t need to pray to God to help you stay content living in the “comfort zone” because there is no faith required for stagnation. For me, it takes abandoning what I think I know about my self and my life in order to move on. I do not want to be at the same level, place, or even career ten years from now. Being prosperous is more than “finances” but succeeding emotionally (being healed), mentally (overcoming negative thinking), and spiritually (strengthening your relationship with God). Prosperity spreads to every area in your life because you want to always be growing and evolving so you can operate efficiently on new levels. So, taking “a leap of faith” is really trusting that God has plans for you to prosper in life because we both do not have all the answers for our lives…. but I do know that you do not want to go to the grave with regrets. So, like last time, here is five more “faith statements”!

Open Life to New People. There is nothing wrong with starting over. I can admit that I have wasted years on the wrong people and want to connect with people that are going in the same direction as me. You do not have to compromise your beliefs or standards just to have “friends” or “be in a relationship”. I want my friendships and “future marriage” to be full of purpose not a “time-waster”.

Walk in Healing. What is more important? Your healing or your pain? I believe that healing is not rooted in lies. I must be truthful about what hurts me so I can move forward in life. Sometimes we can be overly concerned what people may think about us when we decide to move out of “victimhood”. There is NO HEALING in complaining, blaming, or even guilt so do not waste time being comfortable in “struggles”, “trauma”, or even the past. Do what you have to and cut off what you need to.

Operate with a Clean Mind. I was talking to my son the other day about watching his words. I told him to be careful with what he says out of his mouth because words are powerful. When I think about it, I should have added watch your thoughts. The words that come from our mouth started in our mind. If all we do is think negatively, then that is the fruit will be reaping and eating. You never want to eat words of despair and tragedy. Regardless of what is going on around me, I do not speak “death” into my life. I can take it a step further. If you are wrestling with letting go of old lovers, change your mind about them. Start thinking “They are not part of my future. I do not need ‘destiny-killers’ in my life. I forgive them and wish them well in their life apart from mine.”, instead of “I miss them. I wonder what they are doing. Why have they not called me?”  It is not spreading hate about them but registering in your mind that the connection between you two was wrong for your life.

Embrace Higher Levels. Do not cruise through life just being “normal”. Normal is boring. “Being just comfortable” is getting played out. If you want better, than you must take the risk of going after it. Of course, new things will feel uncomfortable in the beginning but that is the power in growth. You have to break out of something or shed something off in order to put on something new. “Old” things do not work in “new” spaces.

Live Out Who God Made Me to Be. There is no shame in who God made you to be. God does not need permission from your family, friends, boss, or “religious folks” to ordain you for the call He placed on your life. He does not need to ask no one to put great dreams and vision within you to carry out. I wrestled with two identities: “the person people and myself expected me to be” and “the person God created me to be”. I am not like no one else and should not try to be. I believe when we truly embraced who we really are then fulfillment will be automatic.

As always, feel free to comment! Are you taking a leap of faith this year? If yes, in what area(s) in your life? I am looking forward to entrepreneurship, writing a lot more, and seeking restoration within my heart, mind, and soul! See you later, prosperous peeps!

Jeremiah 29:11 “I alone know the plans I have for you, plans to bring you prosperity and not disaster, plans to bring about the future you hope for..”, GNT (Good News Translation)

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