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Cherish Yourself #thursdaychitchat

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Memorial weekend is coming up and I am looking forward to spending time with my family. Amid that, I will be completing graduate work and finishing up editing my second book, (coming out this summer!). I still wanted to have some fun though so I will be balancing this weekend between work and play. So, before this weekend hits, I want to leave you with this one thought: Cherish Yourself.

I understand what heartbreak is and I understand how difficult it can get when it comes to breaking free from those ex-lovers/friends mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. If I can be honest, I am more prone to see past connections through “rose-colored glasses” instead of looking at them for what they were. When I think of “cherishing myself”, I think of staying away from situations that will dishonor who I am. God did not make me a “sex toy” for any man to come and play with. He did not make me a “doormat” for anyone to just walk over and please them in every kind of way. He certainly did not make me to be “trash” so I can allow myself to mistreat and condemn myself. God has given me the responsibility to watch over my heart and patrol what goes in and out of it. I have spent a good amount of years putting myself on the backburner because I wanted to please people and find acceptance. To be truthful…. none of that brought me what I was seeking. Do not allow yourself to keep bowing down to evil standards to “be good” with this guy, that girl, or group of people. God’s love comes with no compromise. I do not have to bow down or jump through hoops for God to love me. So why do we put people in front of God? He wants the best for us and there is no “fakeness” when it comes to Him loving, protecting, providing, comforting, guiding……. the list can go on. God is the real deal. If He is so into me, then why can’t I do the due diligence of cherishing who I am? Here is another truth bomb. It starts with knowing God. The more I get to know Him, the more I learn to cherish who I am. God is a teacher, and He can teach you how to let go, how to move on, and who to connect to. If we keep wasting our time reminiscing or even entertaining people that do not belong in our future, then we will have a future that is wasted. Cherish who you are. The world needs the “best” out of you not the “trash” you are allowing wrong relationships/friendships to deposit within you.

Enjoy Memorial Weekend!!

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