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Hello overcomers! That is the perfect word to describe the type of people we need to be. I wanted to do a short pep talk as we start this wonderful Wednesday morning. This past Father’s Day weekend, I decided to visit my family. On the way home from the Father’s Day banquet at their church, my father made a comment to me that pretty much gave me the spark for this week. He was complimenting me on how far I have came over the last few years, (which always feel great to hear from a father), but then he said, “The only issue I see is that you never finish anything”. The funny thing about that statement is that I totally agree.

I do not have a problem starting something but I have a problem completing those things. I started a YouTube channel back in 2018, and went a whole year without posting anything. I started this blog around the same time, and again went a long time without posting. I write unfinished books, ignore planned schedules, and pretty much allow discouragement to settle in after I realized that I fail to complete something. (I am really telling on myself today!) The real issue did not rest in my timing, resources or lack their of, or even my ability but it was two things, (you probably guessed it)…FEAR & DOUBT. I feared that I would failed and doubted that I could finish it. That answer also led to another revelation. In order to move forward in my life, I have to make a move. I cannot see my future clearly walking backwards because stopping is still movement. When I am far away from something, I cannot see it unless I get closer to it. If I am not striving forward toward a goal, then I’m pulling backwards from it.

We may not think that by not finishing something it does not effect our future but it sets up the habit of quitting, which spills over into other areas of our lives. We may struggle with paying down debt or finishing up school not due to our lack of money or time but to our lack of discipline. Discipline allows me to finish what I started. Of course, it is never fun in the beginning to stick to a schedule, or commit to writing for a certain amount of time but I also know that the fruit from it will be rewarding. I will be more rested and organized, and complete more books by disciplining myself to keep the goals I set out to achieve. Please note this: Do not overwhelm yourself either. Some goals may need some refining so they are attainable, and others may need to be reached at another time but both choices require decisions not quitting. Make a decision about what you want to accomplish, regardless how big or small, and FINISH IT from start to end. If I want to know what’s on the other side of something, I need to finish it first.

So….Guess what I’m aiming for now in 2021? I plan to finish what I set out to do. I started my YouTube channel back up, put the finishing touches on my second book, commit to an attainable schedule, and most of all, refocus my mind to finish. Whether I gain the results I’m looking for or not, I am going to finish. I encourage you to get back in the race and FINISH. Whether its completing your book draft, uploading your first video, building that extra room in your house, or whatever it is…FINISH IT SO YOU CAN SEE WHAT’S NEXT.

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