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Be Free (Poem)

Stop believing that lies are the “truth” and that the truth is “lies”.

What is freedom?

Not to be bound by the lies I believed

This is hardship to be blinded by these

The truth is hidden from those who dare not seek

That allow their heads to hang low as they repeat…

“The truth hurts!” as so the lies they chose to eat

Freedom is what?

The truth that comes to set the bound free

Open up their eyes to peace in the midst of adversity

Abandon the lies that isolated them from seeing…

Peace comes from the surrender of ME

Now I learned…..I can truly be free..indeed

-ShuCora Walker, © 2022

9 responses to “Be Free (Poem)”

  1. Loving the rumination and realization in this piece!

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    1. It felt so freeing after writing it! #poetryisbeautiful

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  2. Brilliant wisdom, indeed! Bravo.

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  3. A amazing poem dear poet.

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      1. Thank you dear ShuCora.


  4. Reblogged this on johncoyote and commented:
    An amazing poem dear poet.


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